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Plate Heat Exchanger

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Plate heat exchanger consists of corrugated multi heat plates between upper part of carrying bar and lower part of Guide bar.

The heat plate makes holes passing two kinds of fluid. The corrugated shape formed on heat plate makes fluid turbulence and supports plates against pressure difference between the two fluids.

Gasket forms channel and it acts seal up the fluid not to leak plate is determained according to the amount of fluid, physical properties of fluid, the loss of pressure and thermal conition. The cover prevents plate bending from the differences of pressure. In the assembly of plate, surface, Gasket attaching part, faces the fixed cover direction.

A fluid flowing along only the a plate flow always a plate and a fluid flowing along only the B plate by the skill that the plate arrages opposite directions every second plate.

Type of Heat plate

High-Theta plate

  • High turbulent flow(high heat transfer coeffcient)
  • Perfect temperature approach
  • High pressure drop

Low-theta plate

  • Low turbulent flow(low heat transfer coeffcient)
  • High temperature approach
  • Low pressure drop

Channel Combination

The classes of channel with high theta plate and low theta plate are possible.

  • H(High Channel): Combination of two high-theta heat plate
  • L(Low Channel):Combination of two low-theta heat plate
  • M(Medium Channel):Combination of on high-the plate & one low-theta plate


High Efficiency

Plate heat exchanger of Mytec forms turbulence flow at low Renolds number. Total heat exchanger coeffcient is 3~5 times high or 2,500~6,000 kcal/m2hr C than that of shell & tube type heat.

Wide Contact Area

Our product is stronger than others because in metal-to metal contacts. Our design includes some area contacts instead of solely point contacts of competions. Accordingly the exchanger's distortion and cohesion are minimized, its durability is enhanced, and in turn its life is extended.
The cross section of gasket was designed to minimize the surface of contacting the fluid with maintaining its elasticity. This has a great impact on the durability of plate and gasket, and also affects to increase the inner pressure.

Double Fixing Gasket

Gasket used in plate heat exchanger can be quickly and solidy installed in the best of state with its double fixing apparatus. Either glue type or non-glue type can be used depending on tis applications.

Temperature Approach

Most shell and tube heat exchangers are designed for an 5°Capproach temperature, whereas plate exchanger regularly operates at a 1°C temperature approach.

Easy Disassembling and Reassembling

1 or 2 persons can disassemble & reassemble even a super size model. Beginners can do without slippery of plate or fault in assembling because the plate pack is mounted in the insert type plate and insert type gasket which are engineered with double fixing type. (Excellence in maintenance of oil such as high viscosity material,L.O cooler, oil heater.)


Shipbuilding Industry, Building Equipment, Textile Industry, Pulp Paper Industry, Chemical Industry, Iron industry. Metal working industry, Machine industry, HVAC, Generation plant, etc.


Maximum service temperature : 180?C
Heat Transfer Area : 0.1 ~ 2,400 m2/set
Maximum Service Pressure : 30 kg/cm2G
Plate : S.S 304,304L,316, 316L, Titanium, Ti-Pd, Nickel, Hastelloy, Avesta 254 SMO
Gasket : NBR, EPDM, FPM, Neoprene, IIR, Butyle, Silicone

Quality Management System

In order to satisfy the customers by offering high quality service we constructed quality management system according to the ISO 9001:2000 standard. We are performing heat plate crack detection system by using "Helium detecting technology"